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Wide range of categories and cross platform.

Notice/Alerts, news scroller and text scroller for top section, slideshow, text slideshow and banners and banner with beautiful typing effect for getting user's attention at first visit, multi-purpose call-to-action for getting contacted with users, info banners for showing products/services category, image and icon blocks for showing products or services features, show countdown before publishing a product or give a coupon code with countdown timer, show your images with image galleries or videos with video galleries, guide users with step by step instructions with process steps, show users testimonials, show your team members, show prices with pricing table, subscribe users to your mailing list with FeedBurner or Ajax MailChimp, show your contact info, office addresses, create any other contents with images, text and buttons and create bottom section with logo, text, menu items etc.

100+ content blocks design for building simple to complex landing page or others.

Use easily with Gantry 5's layout manager or Joomla! modules or WordPress widgets.

All particles and atoms well documented inside particle's options as necessary.

Works on Grav CMS with any theme built on Gantry 5.

Works on Joomla! CMS with any theme built on Gantry 5.

Works on WordPress CMS with any theme built on Gantry 5.

No coding required!, designing blocks are easy with inbuilt and easy options.

Included demo data with particles, so you could get started in no time.

Compatible with any theme design from width to colors and contents.

Choose an option to download

All free and premium Gantry 5 Particles/Atoms works with any Gantry 5 Framework based Theme on Joomla!, WordPress and Grav CMS.


  • 12 free Gantry 5 particles/atoms
  • Demo data included
  • Free updates
  • Free forever
  • Use on unlimited domains
  • Ticket support


  • 100+ Free and Premium Gantry 5 Particles/Atoms
  • Demo data included
  • One time payment
  • Use on unlimited domains
  • Ticket support

100% Money Back Guarantee! Read refund policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Basic Questios
and Answers

Can you offer any discount?

No. The price is fixed, however if there any offer, you will be notified in this website.

Will you add more particles?

Yes, we will continue to develop new particles but not guaranteed!. If we add new Particles/Atoms, you will be able to download them free of cost.

Will these particles works on all themes?

Yes, they will work on any theme built with Gantry 5 Framework including Gantry 5 default themes and third party developers themes.

Will these Particles works on later Gantry updates/version?

Yes. We will make sure to provide update when necessary.

Customer support
and Updates

Do you provide support?

Yes, we provide technical support to Premium users. We don't provide support to free users.

What types of support do you provide?

We provide technical support, such as:
> A Particle/Atom not working as advertised,
> If you don't understand how to install A Particle/Atom,
> If you don't understand how to use A Particle/Atom,
> If A Particle/Atom is not working with your theme,
> If A Particle/Atom is not working with current Gantry Version.

Do you provide customization support?

No, we don't provide customization support. However, in emergency, we will try to customize for a reasonable price. In this situation, please contact us.

Can you develop new Particle/Atom for me?


Payment and Refund

What payment methods do you support?

We use 2checkout.com as our payment processor. You can pay with your Debit/Credit card and PayPal account through 2checkout payment processor.

I paid, but my order is still pending, why?

Sometimes, 2checkout takes longer time than expected to verify your payment. If the payment seems suspicious, 2Checkout team review them manually. It's for both of our safety. If you can't download after 30 mins of payment, please contact us and we will manually check the issue.

Do you provide refund?

Yes, we provide full refund within 14 days since the date your purchase only if any Particles/Atoms doesn't work as advertised. Please read refund policy here.

How do I get refund?

Please contact us.

Using Particles
and Modifications

How many domains am I allowed to use these Particles/Atoms?

Unlimited domains you own or for a client. Every client should buy there own license.

Can I modify source code?

Yes, you're free to modify source codes as you need.

Can I modify SCSS/CSS codes?

Yes, you can modify SCSS/CSS codes as you need.

Sharing, Bundling
and Reselling

Can I share a Particle/Atom with anyone?

No. You're not allowed to share any modified/unmodified Particles/Atoms with anyone online/offline.

Can I develop themes with these Particles/Atoms and sell?

No. You're not allowed to develop any themes with any modified/unmodified Particles/Atoms.

Can I resell these particles?

No. You're not allowed to resell any modified/unmodified Particles/Atoms.

Can I bundle these Particles/Atoms with themes and sell?

No. You're not allowed to bundle any modified/unmodified Particles/Atoms with any themes that was made for selling or sharing for free.