Since is offering non-tangible irrevocable goods we can offer direct refunds if your account has not been logged-into yet or if you didn't download any products from this site. In this case the refund will be provided without any question. also will offer refund within 14 (Fourteen) days starting from the date of your purchase if the product doesn't work as we advertised. In this case has the right to ask questions for the refund and also we have the right to NOT offer the refund if we see reasonable.

Why can't I get my refund? reserves the right to refuse refunds if any efforts of refund policy abuse are detected. If you fall into one or more of the below, we're sorry: You are NOT eligible for Refund.

  • Refund is not applicable after 14 days since the date of your purchase.
  • Refund would be denied in abuse cases, with abnormally high numbers of downloads within the 14 days.
  • You refused provide to our support staff access to your web-site to investigate our product you are having issue with
  • You bought an item by mistake and the product(s) was sent/already downloaded by you
  • Product was bought by your employee or inmate from your PayPal account which he/she had legal access
  • Refund is not applicable on renewals.

With above conditions, if you think you're eligible for refund please contact us here to request a refund.